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The Team

Dom Michael




Dom recently retired from his 40+ year career in capital equipment sales and can now devote his full time attention to this small two person wine business. During his career he wore several different hats; day-to-day account manager, regional sales manager, business development manager, regional product specialist, and product line specialist/consultant.


His vision was to transition from his sales career into the wine business full time once he retired, and he has just accomplished that, and strongly believes that all of the different roles he occupied during his sales career lend themselves through knowledge and exposure to the proper growth of the wine business. Dom actively manages the books, accounts and logistics side of the business and collaborates with Matt on the wines and strategy for the business growth and development.

Dom has always had a passion for small producers and the fine wine they craft and believes they capture the essence of great terroir and exquisite wines that he and Matt so stridently try to produce. He and Matt seek out growers and sites for their wines that share their passion for high quality artisanal wine production, and that is reflected in the quality of wines they are making and will continue to make. His view is very simply stated: “A passion for quality over quantity, the desire to do it the right way each and every time, and seeking growers and associates that share that same vision and passion”.







Matt Michael




Matt attended the University of California at Davis, and graduated in 2000 with his B.S. in Fermentation Sciences. After graduation, he worked harvests at Valley View Winery in Southern Oregon, at St. Francis Winery in Kenwood and Delegats Wine Estate in New Zealand. Upon his return to the United States, he worked his way up to assistant winemaker at Quivira Winery in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. Matt  followed his stint with a four year tenure as the assistant winemaker at Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma where he worked along side Mark Lyon crafting world class Cabernet Sauvignon's and Bordeaux blends. An opportunity was presented shortly after Bill Foley purchased Sebastiani for Matt to transition to head winemaker at WattleCreek Winery in Alexander Valley which he jumped at.  For the next 7 years Matt one his skills making beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon's from their Alexander Valley estate before moving prior to the 2016 harvest to Robert Young Estate Winery in  the Alexander Valley where he is currently the Winemaker. 


Matt and his father started the Baldassari Family Wines brand in 2003 as a tribute to his grandfather. His grandfather,Vincenzo Baldassari emigrated from Italy and lived out the American dream creating a great life for himself in America. He would often take Matt down to the basement of his house and show him the wine he had made. He would make a single barrel every year and it was one of his proudest accomplishments each year.


Matt took inspiration from his grandfathers passion for the artisan family winemaker and has continued the tradtion with Baldassari Family Wines.







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