Ken Hunt, Nolan Vineyard
Ken Hunt, Nolan Vineyard
Ken Hunt, Nolan Vineyard
Nolan Vineyard, Bennett Valley
Russian River Valley Pinot Nor
 Russian River Valley

Our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is from the eastern bench land in the Russian River Valley. This area is warmer than the cool western part of the appellation and the fruit receives more sunlight and warmth through the season. The result is a rich, Fruit forward style of Pinot Noir with subtle earthiness and spice. This site has rich fertile soil, when matched with the clonal selections make a blend that truly shows why Russian River Valley has become synonymous with world class Pinot Noir Wines. We blend clones 828 and 37 together each offering very distinct flavor and aroma profiles that intense and exciting

Nolan Vineyard - Bennett Valley

Ken Hunt is the owner of Nolan Vineyard, and constructed his Syrah vineyard with his own two hands. He alone planted the vines, set the posts, ran the trellis, and installed the drip lines. Throughout the year, he gets up early to spray, prune, sucker and leaf the vines. His attention to detail and meticulous vineyard practices are expressed through grapes of the highest quality. Even as Syrah experiences the peaks and valleys of popularity, Ken stands steadfast in his love for his vineyard and his grapes, and we stand with him.

Sonoma Coast

Our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is grown in the very cool Sonoma Carneros area. This area produces world class Chardonnay's and Pinot Noir's but often gets overshadowed by the Russian River Valley. The Sonoma Coast appellation includes Sonoma Carneros. We source the Wente clone which is a highly desired clone of premium Chardonnay producers. The flavor and aroma profiles are intense, pure and exciting. The cooler region retains its natural acidity and we are able to do minimal malolactic fermentation as a result keeping this Chardonnay fresh and exotic. 

Asti ranch-Alexander Valley

Our newest addition is a 2017 Malbec from Asti Ranch in Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. This ranch is on a steep hillside that is entirely composed of rock and gravely rock soil. The area is hot and the vines receive little help form Mother Nature at this site. The soil has a pour water holding capacity and often the vines come out early, ripen fast and are one of the first wine grapes to be harvested right along with our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This area provides great intensity and structure to the Malbec grapes along with a beautiful opaque color. This site is perfectly matched to make world class Malbec.