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Our Wines

2021  Knights Valley Sauvignon Blanc


This is our 
inaugural Sauvignon Blanc hailing from the sun kissed appellation of Knights Valley in Sonoma County. This valley is North-West of Calistoga and East of Healdsburg and sits in a warm pocket that is surrounded by mountains. The days are very warm and the nights can be very chilly. The soil is rocky and shows sedimentary rock and ancient volcanic profiles that are perfect for growing premium wine grapes. The result are Sauvignon Blanc grapes that are bursting with flavor and aromatics when ready to harvest. We made this wine reductively, with as little oxygen as possible to protect the varietal aromas and flavors in the juice that are very susceptible to oxygen. The juice was fermented in very old white barrels to add some texture. The resulting wine is crisp, dry, delicate and light on its feet with a punch of passion fruit, lychee, kiwi red grapefruit, star jasmine, and citrus rinds. This is the perfect wine to enjoy on a warm Spring evening or with fresh young cheeses such as Burrata or Goat cheese. 


Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 3.00.31 PM.png
2021  Rosé of Pinot Noir




Our rose was harvested specifically for our rosé program In previous years we performed a  saignée, which in French means "to bleed", where we picked red grapes for red wine and then bled some juice off to create a rose. Picking our Pinot Noir grapes specifically for rosé as opposed to a juice bleed (saignée) from a red fermentor means we can pick the grapes at a lower sugar level while preserving more native grape acid. The result is a balanced delicate wine with lower alcohol and a fresh, bright acid profile. For us, it defines what classic Rosé is: crisp, dry, delicate and light on its feet with pretty floral and berry notes. This is the perfect wine to enjoy on a warm Spring evening or when grilling out back. In fact, it is perfect paired with just a glass! We only make a small amount each Spring as a seasonal offering and it sells out quickly. Be sure to get yours!




2019  Sonoma Coast Chardonnay


We source our grapes from the Sonoma Coast Viticulture Area. The Sonoma Coast is one of California's best cool climate growing regions, running the entire western latitude of the county hugging the chilly coastal mountains and cooler viticulture areas more inland but still heavily influenced by the chilly coastal winds and fog. The foggy mornings, chilly evenings and generally cooler temperatures allow heat sensitive varieties like Chardonnay to thrive and develop intense varietal character. This wine has only partial Malolactic Fermentation and the flavors reflect the area where it is grown. Exotic fruit and texture focused around a juicy core of juicy acidity make this wine both delicious and intense in varietal character. 


2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir



The 2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is a blend of clones 37, also known as the Mt. Eden clone, 667, a dark, rich and concentrated clone and 828, a newer aromatic Dijon clone that is not commonly planted in the Russian River Valley. The vineyard sits on the slightly warmer eastern bench or plains of the Russian River appellation nestled between the Laguna Ridge and Santa Rosa Plains. This area is known for its Goldridge and Altamont soils which make Pinot Noirs and Zinfandels with complex spicy flavors that are seldom matched elsewhere in intensity and complexity. 20-30% whole cluster fruit is put at the bottom of each fermenter and the balance of the fruit is destemmed on top  of the whole cluster fruit and the fermentation occurs with native yeasts. Minimal new oak is used so the fruit takes and maintains center stag. When these clones are ultimately blended together the result is a richly-textured, fleshy Pinot Noir, with bright acidity, pure and vibrant berry aromas and notes of spice and earth.




'18 Syrah Screen Shot.png
2019  Bennett  Valley  Syrah



We source our Syrah grapes from Nolan Vineyard in Bennett Valley, Sonoma County. Bennett Valley has large areas of rocky- volcanic soil that is well drained and provides an outstanding mix of rock and rich volcanic soil that is exceptional for growing high quality wine grapes. This American Viticultural Area (AVA), though further inland, is a cool grape growing region due to the gap adjacent to the Sonoma Mountain which allows fog to push inland from the coast during the warm summer months. Heavy marine layers flood the valley suppressing day time temperatures and provide a temperate growing season. The result, concentrated fruit, inky hued wines, intense flavors and higher native acidity due to the cool growing season. Syrah grown in cooler climates bursts with exotic blueberry fruit and Lavender with subtle touches of cracked pepper, wild game and sage.



'19 Malbec Bottle Shot.png
2019 Alexander Valley Malbec - Asti Ranch

We source our Malbec from Asti Ranch near the town of Cloverdale in Sonoma County. Asti Ranch is located at the hot Northern end of Alexander Valley on rocky depleted soil, where the vines struggle to make it through the growing season each year. The vines produce small yields from this site because of the difficult growing conditions. The resulting clusters and berries are dark with intense sweetness and flavor. We harvest our Malbec early in the morning when it is chilly to preserve freshness and do no processing, we ferment it 100% whole cluster (stems not removed) with its native yeast. The result is a inky dark wine that is seductive in aroma and flavor. Intense berry and violet aromas jump from the glass. Rich, layered tannins let you know this is a serious wine, yet it has enough silkyness that you can still drink it in its youthful age.   



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