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  The Tasting Lounge

 Make your wine tasting reservation with SQUARE
                            Baldassari Wines                                        
 Open: Wed. Thu. 1-6pm,  Sat. 1-7 pm,  Fri. 1-8 pm,  Sun. 12-5

   Tasting Experiences

Fleur Sauvage Truffles


Fleur Savage.jpeg

Truffle tasting     (5 truffles)                              $25.00

Truffle pairing with wine tasting                      $55.00

At Fleur Sauvage Chocolates, Robert "Buttercup" Nieto's mission is to open up the world of artistic, intriguing, and unusual chocolate and sugar creations to Sonoma County and beyond.  Our desserts captivate and delight both before and after your first bite.  This is not just a sweet treat, this is an experience!

wine and trufle pairing.png

  9058 Windsor Road, Windsor            707.837.5327                  

                    We.Th.1-6pm         Fr. 1-8 pm         Sat. 1-7 pm        Sun. 12-5 pm

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