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    Maison Porcella Charcuterie 
Please Note:  

This has been temporarily canceled due to COVID.

Charcuterie for 2           $25.00 

Charcuterie for 4           $50.00

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Chef Marc-Henri JEAN-BAPTISTE’s fine pâtés, rillettes, ham and head cheese are hand crafted using traditional European techniques using only high-quality local meats.  We as a company believed in using only products where we can derive the source and the manner in which it is grown. 

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Marc-Henri Jean-Baptiste

Parisian Style Ham-Pinot:

Whole local ham prepared Parisian style. Infused with vegetable base brine and slow cooked. Gluten Free

Pate Breton – Syrah:

A variation on a Classic pâté de Campagne, pâté Breton is seasoned with onions and house spice mix. It gives it a firm and coarse texture and flavors of meat.

Spicy Paté – Malbec: 

Is a mix of Espelette peppers that are sourced locally in Boonville, California. Espelette is pepper typically found in the Basque country of France and Spain. The spiciness isn’t too harsh and has a long subtle finish.

Pork Rillettes-Chardonnay:

Slow cooked pork, worked into a rich and creamy spread. Finished with goose fat and herbs. Gluten Free

Fleur Sauvage Truffles


Truffle tasting     (5 truffles)                                        $20.00

Truffle pairing with wines                                          $40.00

At Fleur Sauvage Chocolates, Robert "Buttercup" Nieto's mission is to open up the world of artistic, intriguing, and unusual chocolate and sugar creations to Sonoma County and beyond.  Our desserts captivate and delight both before and after your first bite.  This is not just a sweet treat, this is an experience!

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Orange Honey- 

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

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Strawberry Jam & Rosewater Ganache- Rose of Pinot Noir

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Lavender Caramel- Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

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Robert "Buttercup" Nieto

Earl Grey Dark Chocolate- Bennett Valley Syrah

Mexican Chocolate- Alexander Valley Malbec

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